Tips and tricks for a successful domain name

7 Tips and tricks for a successful domain name

The most important decision your company will make is to establish a presence online and have a domain name. The right products are all for naught if you don’t have a good platform where you can market them and sell them to the potential customers. So, having a right domain name is like half the marketing work. This needs to be something that people will remember and something that can easily be typed in the search bar, like yahoo, or google, or YouTube. People love short names and they often go for the ones that they can easily remember. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can get a successful domain name for your website, and if you are interested in more options about web hosting services check out top web hosts at host checka.

  1. Research

Research about the domain name that you want to place for your website and check the competition. There is a website to cross check things like this it’s called make sure to do your homework if you want to start off with a bright online career.

  1. Easy to remember

DomainsDomains that are hard to remember to end up in the graveyard. When you are purchasing a domain name, make sure to go for the easy-to-remember types and try to avoid having the name separated by a dash. The dash part will be a hassle for people and believe us, the online market is extremely lazy, so having something a hassle is instantly something that half the people online won’t even bother to do in reoccurrence.

  1. Use known words, not slangs

Being a registered domain with a slang in its name can be a bad move. This might look like something smart now, but in 10 years if you still plan to be around, your slang still has to be popular in order for your website to attract the same number of people then, like it’s now. Avoid slang terms as this is another unpredictable thing in the future that you can’t control. Best case scenario you will have the same effect in 10 years, worst case everyone will think you are lame, and avoid your site.

  1. Buy short names

Short names over longer names have always had an advantage when it comes to domain names. A name like, or, will easily be remembered when compared to, Avoid long names like the plague as that will be hard for some of your potential users to remember or to explain to others.

  1. Register in the .com if you can

There are many other types of extensions that you can register with like .net, .info, .org, etc., but you should always go for .com. Why? You might ask. Well because most people in the world, will assume it’s a .com site, and if it’s not some people if they end up on a different site won’t be looking for your website again.

  1. Don’t buy a trademarked domain

We get it, you think this is a smart move, and that confusing people will get you more customers. Two things are definitely going to happen. First, you will attract more people, but random people, who will leave, they won’t be customers that will stay on your website due to the confusion that brought them there, second you might end up in a legal battle with the rightful trademark name holder. This might bankrupt you so it’s not worth it.

  1. Avoid numbers

Don’t place numbers in the domain name, just stick with one simple name. If you need another website name it differently, but don’t use numbers as people can also get confused with this.

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