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The Progress Of Web Development

The web development is progressing at a remarkable speed, and what was hot in 2016 in 2017 is already archaic. People have more control and power over devices, which significantly facilitate their lives. Companies are changing their entire production process, adapting to new trends and shifting their services towards users’ needs. The web development has spread its network to all areas of our lives, and we have become dependent on it. So, here what you can expect in the following years and how the web development will shape our future.


AIThis issue has shaken the modern IT world and the big companies are competing against each other, which one will hire the best experts in this field. It all started with Facebook Feeds and Google, here these two giant platforms managed to predict our search results and applied artificial intelligence to our everyday life. Now, more companies are practicing this rule, and we have allowed the devices to think instead of us, which is a huge step forward. In the future, the devices and machine will be able to work independently with the people and without asking for our guidance.

Smart house

Internet of things has allowed us to use smart devices to communicate but also to control various things inside of our home. We already got familiar with smart TVs, but the progress of technology has evolved even further, more and more devices are implementing smart technology and are able to work independently. Now, you can access household devices only using your smartphone, regardless of your location.

The appearance of JavaScript


JavaScript has been gaining in popularity since 2016, and it provides the developers an opportunity to work on chatbots, VR, and many other hyped things. People have experienced the benefits of JavaScript through improved efficiency, language, grammar and more and more developers are witching to JavaScript and utilizing it for programming.


Virtual reality is something we usually connect to video games. However, significant companies like Google have taken the step further, and they started working on APIs that are created to help VR translate into the web. In the following decade, the market will demand from developers to produce the apps which support VR and provide us the real-time experience. This invention will become a powerful marketing advantage for the big companies, as the competition on the market increases.