Satisfied Clients

During the years, our IT company has accumulated an extensive number of satisfied clients, and our services have become very reputable in this part of Europe. We have worked with almost any major company in Ukraine, providing an exceptional  and building our credibility in this industry.IT support

For the last 17 years, the time we have been on this market provided us an insight into business management and direction in which businesses should go. Considering our long-lasting reputation and companies we had a pleasure to work with, our team of experts has developed many IT business solutions which contributed and improved global financial state in Ukraine.

We don’t engage disputes, and we believe in positive communication, that’s why every major company is requesting our services and our business recommendations. The vast number of satisfied clients only contributes our story and allows protentional customers to see a broader picture.

elecom companies
Golden Telecom (Ukraine)
Vympel-Communications, Inc  – Beeline GSM (Russia)
EuroCom (Ukraine)
State, public and scientific organizations
Ministry of Environmental Protection (Ukraine)
International Renaissance  Foundation (Ukraine)