WAP – Games

There are less demanding websites which are still supporting the old way of developing games. Even though the technology is progressing as we speak, not everyone is skilled in playing games and following the modern tendencies.

Wap GamesEven though many people think that wap – games are a matter of history, there are still gamers who love and enjoy playing them. Our company is one of the leaders in Ukraine’s market when it comes to wap – games. We managed to develop one of the most popular games in this industry, and we fully take the credit for its success. With us, you will always be on the throne.

UPT specializes on software development for mobile terminals using WAP, WML, SMS technology. UPT was one of the first Ukrainian companies to develop mobile applications.

Among the company’s products the most popular are the WAP-games:

Sea Battle


Card Roulette

These products are used by the leading mobile operators: UMC (Ukraine), BeeLine GSM (Russia).