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Top Five Trends In Software Development

Software engineering and development has evolved so much that we now have programs running companies and big corporations. We can imagine one day without using the computers and mobile gadgets, and people have become obsessed with the Internet. The future looks bright for this IT filed, and we can expect even greater things to happen. The major manufacturers base their entire production process on software, which regulates the whole business and limits the mistakes. So, let’s look at future predictions and what can we expect to happen in the next decade.Let’s learn more about TopStore Installer

Car industry

Tesla is the most prominent example in car industry who is trying to change things. Driverless cars were just an idea in the past, but now they have become a reality. Besides Tesla, Google is also working on this type of vehicles. The entire concept is to make your car “smart,” they will have specially designed software which won’t enquire human involvement, and the number of traffic accidents will be limited.



The PaaS platform as a service will gain a great importance in the following years. This is a computing solution that provides useful tools to software developers. Its use is quite simple, and users just need to log in through a web browser and access recourses which are ready to help them develop and host application and software. Such a powerful tool doesn’t come for free, so software developers are required to pay a monthly fee.Tool for your help is Panda Helper App

Teams will be decentralized

The progress of technology and software engineering will provide companies to decentralize their units and reduce the costs. The new software will enable users to work together from remote locations efficiently. This trend will bring many working positions and better financial situation within one company. They will be decreasing the cost while increasing the production process. Platforms built from remote locations will allow teams more flexibility and better organization in a less crowded environment.


Automation is a growing trend which will continue to evolve and we even now have its application in many departments of businesses. The machines are becoming smarter, and they will slowly replace the manual labor. We can expect from device to replace humans at some point. The most significant concern for many workers is that machines have entered the mental labor and they are threating to restore the strategic and creative work.

Machine learning

Software DevThis is the ability of a machine to learn complex tasks without previously being programmed. The machines are approaching humans, and their ability to lean has given them more power than ever. They will adapt to new conditions and create the new working environment. Machine learning is not a new trend, but in the last decade under the influence of Google and Facebook, they can anticipate human’s movements and act on their behalf. This progress is inevitable, and we can’t stop it, we can just follow the flow because machines will make our work much more comfortable.

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